Toy Tanks

Release Date

May 12, 2022





  • Developer
  • Rodney Luck
  • Publisher
  • Retroware




About the Game

Toy Tanks is a 3D, physics-based arena battler where players choose from a variety of tanks, complete with their own unique set of stats and abilities. Play with up to four players in Campaign mode, or annihilate each other in Versus mode. Players can also design and play in their own created maps in Custom mode: Place blocks and AI tanks, set obstacles, and save up to 10 custom maps!


Ronnie started his game development career because of a game called Wii Play, a collection of mini games that came out in 2006. During a difficult time in his life, Ronnie got by thanks to playing video games with his brother. The tanks mini game in Wii Play caught his interest, and he went on to funnel his love and energy into a game he hopes can do the same for others.